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The undersigned hereby grants to Chris Steurer the right to reproduce the uploaded photograph(s) in the forthcoming publication Street Fighting Years – A Visual Report, in all editions, revisions, and the reprintings of the publication, in any promotional and instructional materials thereto; in all media which makes the publication available in visual form for reading, and as a contribution to other collective works in all such media.

The undersigned hereby confirms that any and all information attached hereto is correct, the undersigned is either the sole owner of all rights to the photographs or has been authorized by the owner of such rights to grant the rights herein granted and the publication of the work will not violate the rights of any third party. In case of unauthorised publication, the undersigned shall bear sole liability. The undersigned is liable for any consequences of publication of any unlawful content.

The undersigned hereby grants to Chris Steurer the right to store the photographs electronically, particularly in databases.

I agree with the Grant of Rights.