Street Fighting Years keeps a record of probably the most significant socio-political movement of the third millenium: People organising themselves by using new media, gathering on the streets and squares of the world to fight for democracy, for civil and for human rights – sometimes even with physical force.

With this comprehensive international publication, Street Fighting Years is setting up a memorial for the courage and the desire for change! It is that true humanism is not understood as an ideology but as a capability that belongs to every human being!

Street Fighting Years does not follow any political or ideological goals. The project is independent and unbiased.

On approx. 500 pages, the publication gathers photographs from all over the world: Egypt, China, Germany, Britain, France, Greece, Iran, Libya, Spain, Syria, Italy, the U.S.A. and many other nations.

So please spread the news and participate!
Thank you.

Chris Steurer